Clara Bernier


Clara Bernier of A Clockwork Shutter Photography is an fine art photographer who specializes in conceptual portraiture of a sub-cultural/genre nature. As an artist she has always had an eye for everything from the merely unusual to the macabre. Her photography is the exploration of art in human expression.
After attending school for photography she focused on the artistic side of portraiture and ventured into experimentation with every possible style and setting for her photographs.
Her passions are sub-cultural groups such as the S.C.A. , Steam, Diesel, and Cyberpunk, Anime, Cosplay, Gaming and Goth. She is also passionate about the art of movie makeup, sets, props, and wardrobe.
Clara Bernier and A Clockwork Shutter offer a wide range of portraiture within the sub-cultural genres including everything from Steampunk to Medieval reenactment portraits to Cosplay, Movie and Gaming reenactment portfolios to her fellow geeks of the sub-cultural movement.
A Clockwork Shutter Photography can accommodate anything from a modest set of single portraits to an entire family album of single and group portraits in your favorite sub-genre setting and garb.


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